Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No 6 of 2019

General considerations affecting all types of Emergency's
Drogheda Port Company Emergency Plan - "Appendix 1" - extract

To: Agents, Operators Masters, Skippers, Pilots, Coxswains and persons in charge of marine plant

1. Control of Movements of Shipping

THE AUTHORITY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF SHIPPING WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF THE PORT OF DROGHEDA IS THE DROGHEDA PORT COMPANY. The Port Office, which is the centre for all communications, is situated at Harbourville, Mornington Road, Drogheda, Co. Meath (opposite Tom Roes Point terminal). It is through this office, which is manned from 0900-1300 & 1400 -1645hrs Monday-Friday and throughout any emergency that shipping movements are programmed and the requirements of the Harbourmaster will be made known. A listening watch during working hours is maintained on VHF R/T channel 11, telephone 041-9838378 or after hours the Harbourmaster on 041-9838385 / 086-2547827 / 087-2305950.

1.1 All decisions regarding the movements of shipping during an emergency will be made by the Harbourmaster and, where necessary, he will decide the order in which ships are to be moved. In this context and throughout the Plan, the acting Harbourmaster will have the authority to act for the Harbourmaster in the event of his absence or non-availability.

2. Control of Emergency Operations

2.1 When an emergency or potential emergency occurs, it is vital that the alarm should be raised immediately.

2.2 All reasonable steps should be taken by those on the spot to render whatever aid is immediately available.

2.3 The decisions to designate an emergency or potential emergency and implementation of the Drogheda Port Company Emergency Plan will be made by the Harbourmaster.

2.4 The Fire Brigade and other Emergency Services may be mobilised before an emergency is declared to deal with a minor incident on a ship or jetty. The Harbourmaster must always be informed immediately of any such incident.

2.5 The Emergency Plan will be activated in whole or in part in all incidents involving fire on board a vessel, however minor. (A copy of the complete Drogheda Port Company Emergency Plan is available by request through your Agents or by request from the Drogheda Port Company Office).

3. Raising the Alarm

3.1 (a) Dial 999 / 112 and ask for the appropriate emergency service.
(b) Informing a responsible person on the jetty.
(c) Telephoning the Drogheda Port Company office on 041-9838378 (0900-1300 & 1400-1645 Mon-Fri) or after hours the Harbourmaster on 041-9838385 / 086-2547827 / 087-2305950 giving a short message stating the name of the vessel, the nature & location of the emergency and any other appropriate information to assist in the immediate emergency response..
(d) Continuous sounding of any fog\signaling apparatus and or other emergency signal.
(e) Mayday on channel 16 VHF.
(f) By exhibiting one or more of the signals prescribed in Annex IV of the Collision Regulations.

3.2 As soon as possible after raising an alarm an amplifying message should be sent giving details:
(a) Fire - what is on fire - extent - possible dangers.
(b) Damage - extent - effect on stability and seaworthiness.
(c) Casualties - number - type of injury - number of stretchers required.
(d) Oil spillage - risk of - extent.

4. Action by the Master.

4.1 Having raised the alarm the master will be responsible for taking all immediate steps to safeguard his vessel until assistance arrives.

4.2 Overall control of fire fighting will be undertaken by the fire brigade senior attending officer.

A copy of the "Drogheda Port Company Emergency Plan" is available upon request to the Agent or direct to the Drogheda Port Company port office.

Capt. Martin J. Donnelly