Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No 2 of 2019

European Communities (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System) Regulations 2010

To: Operators, Masters and Agents

Attention is drawn to vessels Operators, Masters and Agents of Statutory Instrument No.573 of 2010, implemented on the 30th November 2010. These Regulations give effect to the Directive 2009/17/EC and Article 24.1 of Directive 2009/18/EC which amend Directive 2002/59/EC. The Regulations strengthen the EU vessel traffic monitoring and information systems which will enhance the safety and efficiency of maritime traffic.

The Regulations provide mainly for vessel notification requirements prior to entering port, including for the transport of dangerous or polluting goods; use of technology for monitoring movement of vessels; transmission of information concerning vessels which might post a threat to the safety of persons, shipping, or the environment; reporting obligations concerning incidents and accidents at sea.

Under Part 2, section 7 (1) of the Regulations, the Operator, Agent or Master of a ship bound for a port in the State shall notify the relevant port authority using SafeSeasIreland, or where for technical reasons SafeSeasIreland is unavailable using telephone, fax, email or other electronic means, of the information specified in Part 1 of Schedule 2 -

(a) at least 24 hours in advance,
(b) if the voyage time is less than 24 hours, at the least, at the time the ship leaves the previous port, or
(c) if the port of call is not know or is changed during the voyage, as soon as this information is available.

Operators, Agents and Masters are advised that a vessel will not be allowed enter the port unless the appropriate notification procedures as per the Regulations have been complied with.

Capt. Martin J. Donnelly
Harbourmaster & Pilotage Superintendent