Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No 3 of 2019

General information when entering the river Boyne and Drogheda Port

To all Ships Masters, Fishermen, Yachtsmen and waterborne users of the river Boyne commercial estuary

Drogheda Port draws to the attention of all mariners and waterborne users of the river Boyne of the need to familiarise themselves with the navigational features of the river Boyne's commercial estuary from the seaward approaches to the town of Drogheda including the marine communication requirements.

The primary sources of information to assist the mariner and users are listed as follows:

- British Admiralty Chart 1431 - Drogheda & Dundalk
- Admiralty Sailing Directions - NP40 - Irish Coast Pilot
- Admiralty List of Radio Signals - Volume 6(1) - Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations
- Admiralty List of Lights - Volume 'A'
- Admiralty Tide Tables 2017
- & Drogheda Port local Notices to Mariners

All mariners and users are reminded of the need to comply with the International Collision Regulation and of the need to display the prescribed lights and shapes.

All mariners and users are reminded that the designated marine VHF channel for Drogheda Port is channel 11. A listening watch is maintained when vessels with a pilotage required are expected.

Capt. Martin J. Donnelly
Harbourmaster & Pilotage Superintendent