Tide Tables
Tide Tables 2018

Cautionary Note

The tidal predictions contained within are the predicted depths of water at high water(HW) for Drogheda Port Town Quays (Town), the LPG Terminals (F'Gas) and the Tom Roes Point Terminal (TRP). Different depths at HW apply to each berthing location.

Ships Masters are strongly advised to seek clarification of their nominated loading and or discharging berth to determine the appropriate safe maximum draft in advance of loading to or from Drogheda Port.

Weather conditions may influence the tidal predictions for Drogheda Port.  Northerly winds may reduce predicted depths while southerly winds may increase them. High barometric pressure and storm events may also affect the predicted depths

It is believed B.S.T. will be kept between 26th March and 29th October 2018 but these dates are provisional.  Times are given in B.S.T. between 26th March and 29th October 2018, otherwise times are given in G.M.T.

Tidal predictions for Drogheda Port have been computed by the National Oceanography Centre UK (copy right reserved).

While particular care is taken in the preparation of these tidal predictions, Drogheda Port Company cannot accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or weather events which may effect these predictions.