Mission Statement

Drogheda Port Company strives to serve as a national and regional economic development catalyst. It is our mission to strengthen our competitive position by offering our customers an efficient, high-quality and flexible service through the provision of suitably developed infrastructure. We have adopted the role of leading the way in terms of long-term development of our port, and promoting safe and environment-friendly modes of transport for carrying goods to and from the island of Ireland.

We are guided by the following core principals:

  • To conduct our affairs in a positive, open, and cooperative manner;
  • To operate in a fiscally responsible manner and provide a return to our shareholder;
  • To be a positive and proactive force in the protection of the environment;
  • To provide our customers with a world class service to give them a competitive edge in the world market;
  • To develop supply-driven port facilities and services to undertake a larger national role;
  • To provide the highest standards of cargo safety and security while ensuring a navigationally safe haven for ships;
  • To develop a highly-trained, motivated workforce to meet the growing demands of the port industry;
  • To provide positive economic and social benefits to the wider community within which we operate;