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Extracts & Stories from the Archives of Drogheda Port

Drogheda Port has preserved a unique archive relating to its operation since 1790, recording the industrial and social life of the town. The industrial and commercial archive contains an extensive overview of the day to day activities of the port, including minutes of meetings, accounts, engineers reports, correspondences, invoices, notices, details of ships and cargoes, photographs, mapping and audio interviews. From this archive we have selected some interesting stories and articles.

Read about the reporting of the accident of the Leinster lass

Read an extract from the Records of vessels calling to Drogheda in 1880

Read about some of the wrecks of vessels recorded at Drogheda Port

Read an extract from Bassets Directory 1886

Read about the arrival of Drogheda Steampacket Company's Steam Paddle Vessel to Drogheda in November 1826