Noel Kelly

The Mall Bouy 

The 'Mall Buoy' is a decommissioned maritime marker buoy located on the Mall Drogheda which saw service on the Irish coast for many decades in the last century and is traditionally painted starboard green. The buoy has been located for a number of years on the Mall and Drogheda Port Company in May 2012 put forward the Buoy for the first time as a unique public canvas to local artist Noel Kelly.

Noel has recently returned from California in the United States, where he trained with world renowned Mural Artist John Pugh. Over three months Noel served an internship, studying under Pugh and helping to create a large public Mural, that eventually went on display in Barbados (the Mural is available to see on his 'Noel Kelly Art' facebook page).

Noel previously studied paint effects in London, where he was later invited to teach at the same course. He continued working on high profile jobs in the area, including the recent refurbishment of the famous Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair and hopes to bring what he has learned home to the streets of Drogheda.

In keeping with a maritime theme and recognising the fact that Drogheda Port was the second largest departure port for emigrants during the famine years Noel created in conjunction with the Port Company a unique piece of public art which was inspired by the style and works of turner.

In a very unique scheme it is the intention of the Port Company to offer the buoy as a canvas to a local artist on an annual basis creating an ever changing art work on the Mall.