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The Children of Lir by Breda Marron

The 2016 Art Commission was awarded to talented artist, Breda Marron. As a native of Drogheda since 2005, Breda felt a close affinity to Drogheda Port and its activities as her children had attended the local crèche within the original Harbour Masters house and she became aware of the daily activities within the port and the constant changing tides. 

Nests, boats and vessels are symbols that have always been central to Breda Marrons work for many years, symbolising sacred spaces of protection, comfort and safety. 

This commission piece is a beautiful bronze sculpture depicting the eternal connection of love flowing through the swans in the Children of Lir. The sculpture was created in a unique way, reflecting the woven technique found in the ancient maritime tradition of weaving hazel and willow in the making the Boyne Currach. 

The sculpture is a celebration of the connection of mythology, community and the ancient wisdom connected to the many Irish waterways.


Breda Marron with Children of Lir Sculpture


Michelle Dixon, Claudia Carr, Breda Marron, Joseph Hiney & Paul Fleming