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"Re-Source" by Lindsey Ilona Brady

The 2008 Annual Arts Commission was awarded to artist Lindsey IIona Brady.  A native of the coastal village of Bettystown,  Lindsey was working on her master’s degree in fine art at the University of Ulster when she was selected for this commission. In her submission, Lindsey said that her aim was to produce a work of art that would "provoke the viewer to question the importance of waterways to the town, both personally and economically”.  The triptych which captures images of the water as it is displaced by ships leaving the port can also be seen as "a snap shots of moments".  Snap shots of time, captured  on canvas can only be truly experienced once in a lifetime - every moment is precious unique and transient.

The paintings are multi layered with oils and water mixing and separating and they took many months to set and dry.

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Lindsey Ilona Brady


Nino Binns, Jacqui McConville, Cormac Bohan, Marie OBrien-Campbell, Paddy Traynor, Lindsey Ilona Brady, Paul Fleming, Michael Coyle, David Pryor