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Sculpture by John Moloney

In September 2002 Drogheda Port Company announced its second annual arts commission. Submissions for an internal sculpture in any medium on a “port-related theme” were invited from local artists.  

Mr John Moloney was chosen for this commission.  Born in Dublin and now living in Drogheda, John has over the past 20 years worked in mediums ranging from sculptures to digital pictures and has exhibited his work in both Dublin and Drogheda.  One of his most recent works, entitled “Celebration”, was the illumination of Barlow House, Narrow West Street, Drogheda at Christmas 2002.  John has worked on design and illustration for local theatre groups such as Calipo Theatre & Picture Company and Upstage Theatre Project, and has worked with Luanasa, the art and design team, that designed and built the Drogheda Samba Festival Pageant in 2002.

The commissioned work was unveiled in the Droichead Arts Centre in Drogheda. The work is a representation of recycling and repurposing materials commonly discarded in the port environment in the form of a boat or vessel.

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Matt Nolan and John Maloney