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The Docker by Sallyanne Morgan

The Docker by Sally Anne Morgan

Local figurative artist Sallyanne Morgan was the winner of the Drogheda Port Company Art Commission for 2021. Sallyanne, who has spent many years living and working abroad,  has had solo exhibitions in Malta and Phnom Penh. Sallyanne’s objective was to capture the human element with her art piece, a small homage to all the unknown men who spent their working lives lifting and carrying and making the Port function.  ‘The Docker’ certainly encapsulates this perfectly.

‘The Docker’ was crafted using ferro-cement, a fibre reinforced cement which Sallyanne directly applied to a clay model. She spent six weeks perfecting this piece, getting every contour, every detail just right to encapsulate the remarkable human element. Sallyanne focuses very much on the female form in her work and enjoyed the challenge of working on the male figure for this commission.

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L Kirwan, N Lally, SA Morgan, A Murray, P Fleming
Laurence Kirwan, Nessa Lally, SallyAnne Morgan, Andrew Murray, Paul Fleming