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The Lighthouse Project by Dani Gill


The Lighthouse Project is a site-specific response to lighthouses around Ireland, curated by Galway native Dani Gill and produced in partnership with the Arts Council, festivals, venues and Arts Offices nationwide. With the support of Drogheda Port Company, Louth Droichead Arts Centre, and Meath County Arts Office collaborated with the project to offer five artists the site of Mornington, County Meath. Mornington is home to three light houses (the North, West and East light) along with the additional architecture of: Lady’s Finger, the Maiden’s Tower and the ancient beacons where fires were originally lit before the presence of lighthouses.

The artists included well known Drogheda singer songwriter SJ Mc Ardle, alongside poet Jessica Traynor, trad musician and composer Roisin Ward Morrow, visual artist Jackie Hudson Lalor and Laura Sheeran, a musical theatre and film director. Blending all of their artistic talents together they created a unique audio experience mirroring the landscape and the interesting  tales surrounding the coastal site of Mornington. 

Listen to the Audio Trail here:

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