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Turning Tide by Paul D'Arcy

Paul D'Arcy is a self-taught artist working from his studio in Skerries. He draws his inspiration from his childhood in South Africa and Namibia and from his travels across Europe and India. He was chosen to contribute to the Port Company art collection because of his ability to create very vivid and magical worlds especially using water as a subject matter.

His work 'Turning Tide' is a very evocative painting featuring the ports coxwains at work and representing and capturing the magic of the entire length of the river boyne from the sea to the viaduct. Many elements of the river navigation are included, the maiden tower, Aliera beacon and the viaduct. The coxswain represented in the painting is Patrick Cunningham. The work blends elements of the entire port channel from town to sea in an interesting non linear style.

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Michael Coyle, Jimmy Cudden, Paul D'Arcy, Paul Fleming & Paddy Traynor