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Pilot Boats

Pilot Boats

Drogheda Port Company operate two modern all weather purpose built pilot boats. The Boyne Protector is 15m steel full displacement twin screw, speed 12kts with purpose built push tug bow and bollard 6 tonnes.  The Boyne Haveloc is a semi displacement GPR single screw, speed 15kts.  Both vessels are licensed by the Irish Department of Transport as 'P5' and 'P3' vessels respectively 

Each vessel is certified for two crew and four passengers and carry the appropriate navigation and safety equipment for their certification. In additional to their primary pilotage duties, both vessels are suitable for hydrographical surveys, crew changes, environmental and scientific work.



The vessels are moored at a dedicated always afloat mooring station at Harbourville with a backup workshop, restroom and operational facilities





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