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Corporate Governance within Drogheda Port Company

The Company will comply fully with all legal requirements including environmental laws and regulations and will take into account legitimate employee interests. The promotion and preservation of the health and safety of employees will be of utmost importance.

We will ensure that community concerns are fully considered and will minimise any detrimental impact of our operations on the environment. The Company will operate a fair employment policy, which promotes equality and prohibits discrimination in the workplace across the nine grounds of gender, marital status, civil status, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion and membership of the Traveller Community.

Challenging opportunities for individual growth and advancement, open communication throughout the organisation, and a congenial work environment based on cooperative relationships will be major priorities. We have developed a Code of Business Conduct for our employees.

The Code of Conduct for Directors is to provide guidance to members of the Board of Drogheda Port Company and all subsidiary and associated companies of Drogheda Port Company in the performance of their duties, as set down in the Harbours Acts 1996 - 2015, and taking into account the implications of the Ethics of Public Office Acts, 1995, the Standards in Public Office Act 2001, and the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies (2016).

The objectives of this Code are to set out an agreed set of ethical principles, to promote and maintain confidence and trust in the Company, and to prevent the development or acceptance of unethical practices. It is expected that the Directors of the Company will apply the same duty and care to the resources of the Company as they would to their own resources. The Company’s ethos is strongly focused on the principles of control and integrity. The Code outlines the responsibilities of each Director of the Company and of the Company itself.

Drogheda Port Company Employee Code of Business Conduct
Drogheda Port Company Code of Conduct for Directors

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