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Harbourmaster Challenge

Thursday the 28th of September 2023 marked a significant achievement for Sailor Mark Ashley-Miller as he sailed triumphantly up the river Boyne and into Drogheda to meet Drogheda Port Harbourmaster Captain Laurence Kirwan. Captain Kirwan marked the 256th Harbourmaster Mark Ashley-Miller has connected with, concluding his 5-year-long ‘Harbourmaster Sailing Challenge’. 

The Harbourmaster Sailing Challenge, initiated in 2018 by UK sailor Mark Ashley-Miller was born out of a deep passion for sailing and a desire to support the seafaring community. The ambitious mission departed Dartmouth in March 2019 and sought to meet every Harbourmaster across the UK and Ireland, while raising vital funds and awareness for the Seafarers Charity. The Seafarers Charity, was the cornerstone of this challenging voyage and the funds generated throughout Marks challenge will be instrumental in supporting the charity's mission to enhance the lives and well-being of seafarers, providing essential services and assistance to those who navigate the world's oceans.

Over the past five years this mammoth journey saw Mark traverse the maritime landscapes of the UK and Ireland, establishing meaningful relationships with Harbourmasters who play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and prosperity of their respective ports. Through these encounters, Mark gained invaluable insights into the complexities of maritime operations and learned of the diverse challenges faced by Harbourmasters.

Marks final stop was Drogheda, where he berthed overnight at Fiddle Case Pier, marking the conclusion of his remarkable odyssey and the fulfilment of a personal commitment to connecting with every Harbourmaster in the UK and Ireland. 

Captain Kirwan said; “ I am humbled and honoured to be the final stop on Mark's  incredible journey. The Harbourmaster Sailing Challenge has not only demonstrated Mark's commitment to fostering unity within our maritime family, but also his unwavering support for the Seafarers Charity, an organisation that plays a crucial role in the well-being of seafarers worldwide."

For more information about the Harbourmaster Sailing Challenge and to support the Seafarers Charity, please visit the website;

Further details:
Nessa Lally Drogheda Port Company 041 9838378