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Southwest Ports of Finland Delegation visits Drogheda Port

On Tuesday 26th of September Drogheda Port Company welcomed a high-level delegation from the Southwest Ports of Finland who had embarked on a visit to Irish ports, with Drogheda Port being a pivotal point of interest. The landmark visit marks a significant milestone in fostering maritime collaboration and strengthening trade ties between the two nations. The delegation's mission was to explore new avenues for trade facilitation, share best and sustainable practices, discuss digital transformation initiatives and deepen maritime partnerships.


The delegation, led by Mr. Anders Ahlvik, MD (Port of Hanko) included managing directors and key personnel from six major ports  from the Southwestern part of Finland; Port of Pori, Port of Rauma, Port of Uusikaupunki, Port of Naantali, Port of Turku and Port of Hanko. Together these six ports handle one third of the total movement of goods by Finnish ports both domestically and internationally. Also in attendance for the visit to Drogheda Port were government officials from the Finnish Embassy in Dublin, Deputy Head of Mission Saara Heinola and Intern Reetta Pirttikoski, as well as  other industry leaders and manufacturers from companies such as Mantsinen and Mecalift.


The group were welcomed to the Port Office HQ at Harbourville by Drogheda Port Company Chairman Dr. Joe Hiney and Harbourmaster Captain Laurence Kirwan. Mr. Hubert Murphy, President of the Drogheda Chamber of Commerce was also in attendance. The panoramic views from the conference room  gave the guests a bird’s eye view of the busy daily operations and the challenges at the operational facilities in  Drogheda Port. Presentations were made followed by group discussions and photographs.


Captain Laurence Kirwan, Harbourmaster of Drogheda Port, expressed his enthusiasm with the visit, stating, "We were delighted to welcome the delegation from the Southwest Ports of Finland. This visit underscores the importance of international collaboration in the maritime industry. We look forward to exploring new avenues for growth and development together."


The visit of the Southwest Ports of Finland delegation to Irish ports and in particular Drogheda Port symbolises the strong historical ties and shared commitment to sustainable maritime development between Finland and Ireland.

Further details:
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